Episode 6 – Learn How to Increase Your GAP (General Adaptive Potential)

On the latest episode of Healthier Than the Joneses, Dr. James and Host Ron Corning talk about the G.A.P. Tune in as they dive into the topic of how disruptions within our bodies create signals that we need to tune into.

Viewers will learn that our bodies are typically at 60-70% dysfunction before we begin to recognize symptoms, and therefore, it is important for us to be proactive when it comes to our health. Viewers will also hear how the body responds in either a positive or negative way and that there are solutions to help the body adapt without medication. Dr. James believes in finding the underlying cause and not just treating the symptoms.

Keep watching for upcoming episodes that will address many of the topics covered in Dr. James Salvo’s book, How to be Healthier than the Joneses, that can be purchased online through Amazon or at his practice in Dallas, Texas.

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