Episode 3 – Sleep. It’s Vital to Your Health

On this episode of Healthier Than the Joneses, Dr. James talks with Host Ron Corning about the importance of sleep and your health. Dr. James reminds viewers that when we sleep, our body is healing. 85% of our physical and mental healing happens when we sleep. Learning to get good, restful sleep in a culture that values constant activity and being connected through technology requires intentionality. Viewers will learn about sleep aides and how they alter brain chemistry, as well as underlying medical conditions that affect your sleep. Tune in and watch this episode of Healthier Than the Joneses to get tips on achieving sleep that helps your body heal.

Keep watching for upcoming episodes that will address many of the topics covered in Dr. James Salvo’s book, How to be Healthier than the Joneses, that can be purchased online through Amazon or at his practice in Dallas, Texas.

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