Episode 3 – Minor Injuries Can Lead to Long Term Complications

During Episode 3 of Healthier than the Joneses, Dr. James shares with Host, Ron Corning, and viewers how a diving accident as a teenager was the spark that lit the fire to a career in chiropractic medicine. He shares how the accident ended his involvement in sports and activities he enjoyed until he sought a preventative solution to surgery.
Dr. James reminds viewers that even minor injuries to the neck, spine and back can lead to larger complications that affect the way your body functions as a whole. Many do not recognize that a health crisis often leads to emotional, psychological and depressives situations.
Keep watching for upcoming episodes that will address many of the topics covered in Dr. James Salvo’s book, How to be Healthier than the Joneses, that can be purchased online through Amazon or at his practice in Dallas, Texas. Healthier than the Jones is produced by The Time Group.
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