Episode 2 – 3 Pillars of Health

Healthier than the Joneses is excited to share with viewers the 3 Pillars of Health that include: nutrition, exercise and emotional health. These three pillars are interconnected and can affect other areas of your body. Dr. James shares with Host, Ron Corning, how small investments and changes add up in the long run.
As Dr. James talks nutrition, he emphasizes creating a lifestyle change that will last versus fad diets or trends. Learning that what we eat affects how we feel creates an attitude of change and ultimately influences the choices we make.
Viewers will also gain a better understanding of how the body was created to heal itself, and the more we understand, the better choices we can make.
Keep watching for upcoming episodes that will address many of the topics covered in Dr. James Salvo’s book, How to be Healthier than the Joneses, that can be purchased online through Amazon or at his practice in Dallas, Texas.
Thanks for watching!